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  • tough-but-cuteHI Indy! I am plus size girl from Perth. Love your blog! I'd be happy to post you vintage clothes if there is something in particular you are after!
  • aw, thank you so much! I enjoy your blog too! I’ll be glad! Though I should consider my budget. Haha

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To the mainstream media, the fashion industry,  internet bullies, and anyone else who thinks it’s their right to try to make us feel less than because of their insecurities. Fuck you. #everyBODYisflawless #fatisnotaflaw. Love, Gabifresh, Tess Munster, and NadiaAboulhosn <3 To see more, check my blog post!

this video give me so much life! Look at these fabulous ladies…

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What I Would Say to My 16-18 years-old Self, Regarding My Interest in Clothing and Style

You, a teenage girl who secretly loves fashion, but never trying to do make-up or dress nicely yourself, because you think you weren’t worth it unless you lose 20 pounds.

You, a girl who always wonder how it feels to be adored and desired, but you hide yourself in baggy clothes and jeans.

You, a girl who wonder how it feels to be “fashionable” but you never see someone who looks like you in media.

You, a girl who breaks down in tears at clothes shopping because nothing fits, with your mother tease you about it.

You, who wonders how it feels to be a fashion or artistic photography model, but you keep it to yourself, because you’re afraid your friends will laugh at you.

You, who joins your friends making fun of a person who are bigger than you and calling them names. Just to lash out your hate to your own body.

You’ll learn that the key isn’t weight loss, but to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with your body, and you shouldn’t apologize for your size. You’ll learn that you can start live your life NOW, not when you finally got thin. You’ll learn that fashion meant for all shape and size. You’ll be desired, you’ll be adored. It might not going to be perfect, but it will get better.

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Old Timey Hair

Let’s talk about one of the challenge for me in wearing vintage: the hair. My eras are the 1940’s to early 1960’s. As I know, in the 40’s and 50’s, girls and women been wearing curls everywhere. Wearing curler overnight has become such a norm.


couples from the 1950’s. Look at that soft hair to die for!


Working women from the 1940’s


Pack of college homecoming candidate from the 1950’s


1940’s photo booth

I’ve been wearing layered hair for about 9 years (with a bob phase in 2009). And I find out vintage hair doesn’t work in layered hair (or at least very hard to). This is why, while I follow thoroughly vintage curl tutorials on youtube, my hair still don’t turn out just like what I aim to.

and to break down the challenge:

1. Basically, I’m not comfortable showing up my round and chubby face, that I always try the most flattering cut possible. And that’s why I’ve wearing layered hair for these years.

2. I find that most vintage hairstyle from the 1940’s and 1950’s doesn’t look very flattering in me, so I’m not confident to went full vintage hairstyle-wise. There are flattering style, yes, but most of it and time consuming and I aim to wear a hair that are suitable for daily wear, like the woman and girls back in the day wearing to go to cinema or just strolling downtown.


Grace Kelly Make-up test for the swan (1956).


From the book “Style a Long Hair”. Maybe I can try this some times for a formal parties.

Anyway, I’ve been researching about the common hairstyle that been worn by women and girls in my country, Indonesia on said era. In general, asian hair and whites hair are different in texture, and Western media isn’t as accessible back then as now, I figured that must be a different and more low-maintenance way to styling hair in these eras. And here we go…

Women in middle-age tend to style their hair with low bun and tease hair on their crown, while the younger women just wear their hair pushed back in higher bun position.


Indonesian actor and actresses circa 1950’s


photos from Kowani or Konferensi Wanita Indonesia (Indonesian Women Conference hosted by Maria Ulfah Santoso, Indonesian first female cabinet member.


screenshot from the 1950’s movie Tiga Dara

I also acknowledged that pin curls are commonly used by women in middle and upper class because of the equipment aren’t easy to owned. And curled hair are considered a bold move, while the more common and conventional style are simple, long hair with side or middle part.


choir girls from the 1950’s


Indonesian women from the 1950’s

So… However I figured out some hairstyle I might use daily or to formal and semi-formal parties. What hairstyles? Well, you have to find out for yourself later ;)

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